President’s Letter 2017

Once again, we had a big year at the San Onofre Surfing Club. Your elected Board and many, many volunteers worked together to create & host events that brought families and friends together for fun and to create lifetime memories (especially for the kids). I cannot stress strongly enough how appreciative I am of the dedication of these old-time and new club members alike. Beyond the regular events listed in the pages below, we had some significant projects that your club helped to address. Without the club and the volunteers, these things would not get done.

• Fighting copyright/trademark infringement (Did you know that a rip-off of the Club logo was on sale at
Target stores this year?)
• Working with the State in support of the Road repairs at the North end of the beach. (without these, the
beach would have been closed).
• Relocating the Middle Beach wind vane.
• Modification to the South beach Volleyball courts
• Emergency support and relocation of the Iconic Shack.
• Repair to shower lines

All of this volunteer work and the great Club events happens with the efforts of our membership and the funds we receive from our modest $20 dues. Despite the increased role that the club is taking in the upkeep of the beach, our membership numbers have reduced. We really need all our past members who love the club to join each year and for you to encourage your friends and beach neighbors to join our great club. There are some big issues in our future including the renewal of the State lease in just a few years. We need to remain a strong and influential group to represent the use of the beach and keep it open to the public.

Lastly, I just want to thank the 2017 Board of Directors and encourage everyone to visit our website at ( to:

• Join the club early and to vote for the upcoming board
• Keep an eye out for a schedule of future events
• Order your merchandise and show your support for the club!

Get involved in the club and help us keep the Aloha going!!!!

2017 Officers & B.O.D.
Jim Wynne – Vice President
Craig Ephraim – Sergeant at Arms
Sherry Wolfe – Secretary/Treasurer
Brian Ephraim – Past President
B.O.D. – Emmy Lombard, Brian Ahern, Mark Brown, Scott Cuda, Laurie Thompson, Matt Enright, Pete Hererra, Scott Mumby, Charlie Zyvoloski, Sabrina Pearcy, Kurt Winn (Club Chef)

We’ll see you at the beach,

Matt Brady
Club President 2017-2019